Circaholics Anonymous
Location: Sydney
Country: Australia

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The Circaholics create unique and tailored performances for every event, depending on where you are, what theme you have, and various other factors, meaning if you see them once or 10 times, there is always something new and exciting. 

Fire performances are an excellent way to add that wow factor to your event, giving your guests the experience of something different, while also adding that flare of danger and intrigue, meaning if you’re a fan of the performing arts or an adrenalin junkie, have we got a show for you!

The Circaholics pride themselves on taking fire to where others can’t handle the heat, incorporating years of performing various circus skills, with specialised equipment, to deliver insane stunts and more fire than you can poke a stick at . 
Without wanting to give too many spoilers, this can include things such as flaming sword fights, jumping with flaming shoes through flaming skipping ropes, multi-split flaming hoola-hooping, fire whip cracking and more.

Additionally, we understand that not all events can have fire, so also provide LED and day-time performances, meaning regardless of the event, location or weather the Circaholics can always deliver a kick-ars show that will leave your guests spellbound and wanting more!


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