Dangerous Delights
Location: Fremantle, Perth
Country: Australia

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Bringing you the art and power of mesmerising fire manipulation!

With over 10 years of fire performance experience, both in Australia and overseas, and a perfect safety record, Dangerous Delights are the ideal act to heat up your next function!

Performance Styles

Below are the most commonly requested performance styles. However, if you would like something different, a combination of the below acts, or have any questions, please let us know.

Fire Show

A Fire Show is a stage/floor show that can be performed indoors or outdoors, with one to six fire performers.

Each Fire Show incorporates several different pieces of fire equipment and is choreographed to music. Dangerous Delights will work with you, the layout of the venue, the theme and format of the event, to create the best show possible (including music, costuming and choreography). In this way, every show is unique and sure to impress.

Roving Fire Entertainment

Roving is a mobile and interactive form of entertainment. Guests have the opportunity to see fire manipulation skills up close, ask questions and even try a little fire play for themselves.

A large diversity of fire equipment enables Dangerous Delights performers to entertain your guests at their tables at formal seated functions, or move through a standing crowd, creating exciting and intimate fire experiences.

Roving Fire Entertainment can also be ambient, whereby the fire performers create a fiery atmosphere to set the mood for your event, without formally interacting with guests.

Fire Welcome

A Fire Welcome is designed to have a high visual impact as your guests arrive at the venue for your function.

As guests step out of their car or make their way towards the entrance to your event, they're welcomed by the sight of a fire dancer/s - fire eating, body tracing, fire twirling or blasting a flame projector. This gives your event an immediate sense of excitement and energy.

Short Sets

Short Sets are high energy, short periods of fire entertainment, with breaks between each set.

Short Sets are ideal for events where small pockets of fire entertainment are required throughout an evening, over several hours e.g. nightclub events.

Each set incorporates different equipment to ensure it is fresh and dynamic every time. The sets are performed to the music being played at the venue, to enhance the nights existing entertainment.

Combined Performances

If you're having a themed event, where you would like fire entertainment throughout, you can combine the above performances and pay a discounted rate. Popular combinations include:

  • Fire Welcome and Fire Show
  • Roving Fire Entertainment and Fire Show
  • Fire Welcome and Short Sets


Dangerous Delights have been teaching fire and circus skills workshops for over 10 years and can cater to all ages, all levels of skill and any size event. So whether you're looking for a bit of festival fun for the kids or to learn some serious skills, contact us to see what they can do for you.

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