Fire Starter
Location: Sydney, Sydney
Country: Australia

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Adrian Dean:  fire displays


Adrian Dean is a magician & circus performer rolled into one extraordinary piece of work that is guaranteed to delight and amuse. Suitable for night clubs, weddings, festivals and corporate events.


Adrian's skills include fire breathing (dragons breath), fire eating, unique circus balance effects and fire juggling displays including fire juggling on a balance board perched on a ladder.


Adrian's fire show runs for 6-7 minutes in length UNLESS you choose to add on extra effects of either circus and /or magic displays to bring the performance to a maximum of 20 minutes. 


Some extra options include :

Magic appearance of (anyone you choose) with spectacular fire cage magic illusion. (size restrictions may apply).


Magic levitation that is possible with you or anyone you choose.


High energy (up beat) juggling displays.


20 years of experience guarantees that every performance will be top class and professional with extra thought put into every performance.


Most celebrations only happen once which is why you need to be certain to get it right the first time. Adrian understands the importance of putting together a successful event that will create memories to last a lifetime.


Previous performance samples include…

Tv appearances

Cruise ships

Countless festivals

Private & corporate events 

Touring in numerous cabaret shows around Australia and overseas.

Performing for A list celebrities





There is to be no food service or any significant distractions during the performance.


I require everyone positioned in front of me for full effect.


Please advise if I need to bring a powered speaker for my microphone and music (extra charges may apply).


Any fire detectors will need to be isolated if indoors.


Ground surface must be completely flat and non-slip. Ceiling clearance minimum 3 1/2m. Floor space minimum 3m x 3m


Performers cannot work in complete darkness. There needs to be sufficient light for the performer to be able to see his equipment.



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