Pyro Passion
Location: Adelaide
Country: Australia

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Pyro Passion: Make sure your next event goes off like a flare with Pyro Passion! The hearts and minds at the centre of Pyro Passion are Mark Bleby, a performer with over 7 years of experience in fire dance and martial arts, and Kate Lawrence, an international circus artist. Together, this dynamic duo present a unique combination of fire dance and acrobatics that is sure to ignite inspiration in your guests and is guaranteed to impress.

Performances can either be roving, walking around and amongst your guests and presenting a more intimate performance, or choreographed as stage acts. Acts available include:

-Fire staff twirling

-Flaming hula hoop

-Sensuous Fire Fans

-Precise fire sword manipulation

-Fire Mace (for medieval flare)

-Spectacular Fire whip (always a crowd pleaser)

Roving performances may include a single apparatus or a combination of many. Stage acts can be a combination of any two apparatus.

All acts can be performed as solos if only one performer is required.

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