Comedy Trivia
Location: Sydney, Sydney
Country: Australia

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Comedy Trivia’s success is manifold. Though careful selection, management, continual creative development and old fashioned hard work we have endorsements from some of the best venues in Australia , and are proud to have success across a wide range of venues and entertainment challenges. It provides a professional, successful and renowned evenings of entertainment at your venue or corporate event,  all at a highly competitive price. Normally there are only a few winners in trivia, in Comedy Trivia everyone’s a winner.


The hosts – Professional Stand Up Comedians range from a minimum of five years to twenty years of live comedy experience. Some of these are Mick Meredith, Steve Philp, Tommy Dean, Daniel Townes, Mike Van Acker,  Steve Allison, Lindsay Webb, Judas Falling, Stef Torok, Subby Valentine, Daren Casey, Anthony Ackroyd, Chris Radburn , Dave Jory and loads of the latest talent. (just google these names!)

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