Hypnotist Jaden Boon
Location: Brisbane, Brisbane
Country: Australia

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Jaden Boon is a Comedy Hypnotist, a rising star that will undoubtedly leave a mark on the world of Stage Hypnosis. As a stage performer and keynote speaker, he brings a modern, inclusive, and upbeat style that will turn any show on its head – for the better.

Jaden Boon usually creates a light, fun, and silly aura that leaves the audience cracked up and longing for more. He is also flexible enough to tailor his style to any unique request that comes through to him.
This flexibility makes him suitable for any audience or show. Whether you want your performance G-rated and clean, or you wish to up the ante a bit to suit more adult audiences, Jaden Boon is the man for the job.
His shows will bring out a unique element that will shift from performance to performance, guaranteeing things stay fresh! Is there anything more satisfying than seeing an audience blown away by art that raises the bar to unforeseen levels?

Jaden Boon is a perfect choice if you desire a live Stage Hypnosis show for your fundraisers, school events, and special events to corporate events, theatres, and club shows, he makes your show memorably enjoyable.

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