Location: Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane, Launceston, Darwin
Country: Australia

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Tonight your special guest is the world-renowned European Hypnotist Ivan Lendl (not the tennis player).
Watch in fear as he chooses volunteers from among your Guests!
Watch in delight as he transforms them (and not you) into a Rock Singer and an Opera Star, then makes them perform a hilarious show for you!
Don’t just book a hypnotist for your next function - go one better and book HypnoTWIST, the latest hoax act from the creators of The Three Waiters.
By the time your guests realise that Hypnotist Ivan Lendl (not the tennis player) is not a Hypnotist at all, and the Opera Star and the Rock Singer are not part of your function either, but are in fact professional actors, and that you’ve all BEEN HAD by HypnoTWIST, they’ll be having far too much fun to care…! Launched in Sydney in 2006, HypnoTWIST is due to open in the UK and the USA later this year.  Audiences are raving:
"Hire these brilliant young talents. Do yourself a favour" - Barry Crocker AM
"The audience loved the show... in fits of laughter, standing and applauding for an encore" - Sharon Quill, Variety Club
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