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Country: Australia

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Australia's 2016 ULTIMATE ELVIS TRIBUTE ARTIST winner "Marcus Jackson" has created an amazing new tribute show which is currently electrifying fans of the historic legend Elvis Presley. This show is a salute to the world wide phenomenon in more ways than one.

Marcus has been Dancing, singing and entertaining crowds since the tender age of 5. He also has vast experience of performing in all areas of the entertainment industry and has also performed for huge crowd's in the USA. Marcus is one performer that takes his craft very seriously, so much so that this amazing show has become a full time venture.

With only being in his 6th year as an ETA, this year Marcus was invited from Elvis Presley Enterprises to perform in Memphis in August to acknowledge and celebrate the kings anniversary. Marcus performed at the Graceland Crossings and at the Crowne Plaza in Memphis. This invitation does not come easy, many have tried and have not succeeded. Marcus is well deserving of this invitation from Graceland as he portrays an uncanny tribute to the King.

Marcus is not a performer that takes a step back and always moves forward as he continues to perfect his amazing stage spectacular. Marcus continues to upgrade the "Legendary" Elvis wardrobe having purchased new glitzy, rhinestone costumes from the USA and continues to perfect his look and sound more & more like the "KING" everyday.

The future for Marcus is simple, his goal is to become internationally recognised as one of the worlds top "Elvis Tribute Artists"

Marcus moves like Elvis, from hip thrusts to fist pumps the energy levels are the same, you will not see another tribute act do this. Marcus's height is the same as Elvis, his youth and energy is amazing, clients say that Marcus has the same karisma, mannerisums and humour as Elvis, this can not be taught to anyone and Marcus is able to portray this in his performance. combined with his looks and astonishing sound alike vocals, Marcus has revamped the King.

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