Adam Milgate
Location: Sydney
Country: Australia

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Adam Milgate
An award-winning magician with decades of experience in private and corporate functions, trade shows, theatrical productions, variety shows, children's shows, pantomime TV and even radio(!), Adam will deliver a funny, entertaining show for all all ages and all tastes. His special brand of humour will both intrigue and entertain any audience in any situation, from intimate dinner table magic to stand-up and stage shows.

His act is modular so can be divided up to suit exactly the time you need and as he normally travels light, there are often no extra freight charges to worry about. For the very best of contemporary magic for 21st century audiences, you can do no better than to engage Adam Milgate.

Fully insured and with a Working with Children Check Number, below is what he can do for you:

Close-up magic
This can either be strolling or table magic. Strolling magic is where I move among groups of standing guests and perform magic that I carry in my pockets. Each “act” is around five minutes and uses a recycled number of tricks that I can fit on my person. Table magic is where I wheel my own small table to standing or seated groups. This has a wider range of effects because the props are carried in the table. I am always mindful of serving staff and other personnel who may need to also move between tables. In some cases, I have set up in a corner and strolling guests can come to me to see a more formal show. Typical performance times are around five minutes per group, but this can be varied as needed. Closeup magic is a wonderful addition to any event where people are scattered or in groups (such as at dinner tables). The magic or mind reading is so impressive when it happens right under their noses!

Stand-up magic
This is a small floor show performed for groups. It typically requires no special staging other than adequate lighting (and sound reinforcement if necessary). It can be performed anywhere and is good for groups of up to about 100 people. It uses smaller props (so it travels easily--no extra luggage requirements) and is perfect for small to mid-sized groups. These shows can range from a five, ten or fifteen minute spots, right up to self-contained shows of around an hour. I can also deliver a keynote speech (“Mine your Mind”) which contains fascinating facts about the mind, techniques for attendees to use in the real world to access their true creativity and, of course, demonstrations--an entertaining and thought-provoking lecture or speech for your corporate program. Although this is magic performed for a larger group (as opposed to close-up magic which deals with between 1 and about 10 spectators at once) it still retains a nicely intimate feel and has plenty of audience interaction.

Magic Bar
The “Magic Bar” is a unique concept, which exists (other than my presentations) only in Japan, where it is immensely popular. Groups of up to 25 people are gathered in a semi-private area and have a 30 minute, very informal session of magic with their “magic host.” This is most usually performed in licensed premises where drink and food orders can continue to flow during the show--it is a very informal atmosphere. The magic or mind reading you’ll see here is a blend between close-up and stand-up magic and feels more like having a beer with a new, interesting friend rather than a formal show. After the 30 minute session, patrons leave the area and within about 20-30 minutes (allowing me to reset the show) another session begins for a new group of patrons.

Stage or cabaret magic
If you have a larger group than about 100 people, you’re going to need a stage or cabaret act. In these shows, the props are bigger and there is some staging required (multiple set pieces etc.) to make a bigger performance area, suitable for a larger crowd. This can, under the right performing conditions, include some large stage illusions (such as sawing an audience volunteer in half or floating someone). These shows generally have music (and lighting if available) and can be very exciting. These shows can be delivered as short segments (for instance to fit into an exiting multi-performer variety lineup) or as self contained units of up to 2 hours.

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