Trickstar Magic
Location: Sydney, Sydney
Country: Australia

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 ‘The Trickstar’ combines elements of slapstick comedy, circus skills, misdirection and magic to create a thoroughly original show that disarms, enchants and amazes. Having spent years entertaining children and adults alike, Trickstar has honed his craft and plays a variety of characters to trick, charm and stun with illusions that seem to come from nowhere but leave a lasting impression.

Dangerous stunts, magical comedy routines, and witty one liners are all delivered with a crazed energy that leaves you breathless and wanting more. Transitioning effortlessly between circus skills and inadvisable activities with sharp objects the Trickstar takes us on a wild ride of silliness, skill, laughter and adventure. Its a magi-comedy show you won't forget in a hurry.

Previous clients include : 

Coke, Westpac, ING, Virgin, GIO insurance, Microsoft, ACP magazines, Stockland, Carnival Cruises, HAL Cruises, Harvy Norman, Yellow Brick Road, Bunnings, Hilton Hotel, Sebel, Qantas, numerous Councils, Westmead Children's Hospital, Woolworths, Aldi, Penrith Panthers, Wentworthville Leagues, Penrith Panthers, Bankstown Sports Club Burwood RSL, Canterbury Leagues, Toukley RSL, Master Builders Club, Sydney Fringe festival, Star casino, Diving NSW, Twin Towns Club & Resort, St. George RSL, Doltone House, Four Seasons Hotel, Empire Theatre, The Grand Roxy, Hard Rock Cafe and many more. 

That's right Adrian is definitely Australia's number one for fun.


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1. Public liability
2. Working with children check

Client to provide: production / PA (for show), a stage / performance area (minimum 2 X 2m) and ensure that the performer is not placed  at the opposite side of the room.  Large gaps between the stage and the audience (such as a dance floor) are to be strictly avoided. A private and secure change room (toilets are not acceptable) and parking close to venue. Trickstar's  stand up act act(s) should not occur during food service or mid meal. 

Summary Time Price

High level sleight of hand magic performed with a comedic feel. Borrowed objects are vanished and levitated right before your eyes.

Start From $575.00 Send Enquiry
Marvel at Trickstar’s balancing skills, plate spinning and gravity defying juggling featuring the amazing never-seen-before ‘messy milk balance’. 40 minutes of danger, delirium and delight that will thrill, throw and enthral, amaze, excite and enchant as Adrian challenges nature, dares danger and ultimately denies gravity through sheer skill, focus & determination in a tricksy treasure-trove of terrifying tour-de-force trumpery. Bring a dustpan just in case! Anywhere up to 40 minutes Start From $1,530.00 Send Enquiry

The Trickstar seamlessly combines comedy & magic to excite and delight with sleight of hand, death defying stunts, and with some timeless old school magic tricks with a modern twist. Watch even the most jaded hipsters react in awe and amazement as trickery and comedy blend to produce a whirlwind of award winning entertainment never seen before.

Anywhere up to 45 minutes Start From $1,530.00 Send Enquiry