BennyO Magic Show
Location: Sydney
Country: Australia

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Ben has been studying the art of Magic for almost two decades. Known amongst his peers as a fancy fingered, Ben can perform miracles with almost any object. Ben has performed in almost every environment; An adaptable performer Ben can entertain on stage as well as for small groups of people.

As a family entertainer he is not limited by the demographic of the audience. With his new stream of magic Ben can even entertain people from a non-English speaking background. An award winning entertainer and teacher to many, he is truly a remarkable performer. Ben is a close up and stage performer. His shows are also suitable for children as well as adults. Dinner parties, birthday parties, trade shows, cabaret, large theater or festival, Ben Orson is the man for the job. 

Client to provide:  Stage / performance area, Production / PA (according to rider) for Stage Show, refreshments, a private and secure change room (toilets are not acceptable) ad parking close to venue

Summary Time Price

Same as my standard stage show except I also have a few illusions.  Swordbasket, pole suspension, sword thru neck and zigzag illusions intermingled with  largere conjuring effects make this show suitable for larger stages, larger audiences and even just for those that want something special.

Start From $4,210.00 Send Enquiry

recomend 1 minute per person.  ie.  aprox 1 hour per 50-100 guests.


1 hour Start From $640.00 Send Enquiry

BennyO show works comfortably for up to 800 guests.

Any more than this and AV may be required for people to see this show.  

30- 45 minutes Start From $2,805.00 Send Enquiry