Bruce Glen, The Gentleman Magician
Location: Sydney, Sydney, Australia Wide
Country: Australia

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Bruce Glen: ‘The Gentleman Magician’

Bruce has a special ability to engage with guests / customers / clients through a stylish, professional and magical performance.

You can trust him to treat your guests with absolute courtesy and respect.

Widely acknowledged – by his clients and his peers – as one of the very best at what he does, Bruce Glen has been honoured with Membership of The Magic Circle - the most exclusive magic society in the world (with less than 1500 members worldwide).

“Cutting edge magic – baffling in its dexterity, sleight of hand and surprising outcome. Possessed of a silver tongue as a raconteur.” The Fringe Review  An amazing array of magic … (including) … the most gob-stoppingly awesome trick I’ve ever seen … truly spine-tingling … good show, great guy.” Broadway Baby  “A slick, polished performance that manages to astound. One particular trick involving what Glen calls a ‘replicator spirit’ has to be seen to be believed.”  The Edinburgh Reporter

Dubbed The Gentleman Magician by his clients, Bruce’s performance style has become known as Bespoke Magic’ - as he specialises in customising his shows to his clients’ needs.

Live on Stage

Bruce’s intriguing stage act – that seemingly defies the laws of physics – is best described as ‘storytelling magic for adults – but not necessarily grown-ups’. It has seen him invited to the famed Edinburgh Fringe; Adelaide Fringe and Fringe World Perth.

In 2015, Bruce presented his ‘Imaginary Magic’ show in Sydney (ten sold-out shows) as part of the SMH Spectrum Now Festival.

In addition, at sold-out Edinburgh International Magic Festival shows and at the famous London headquarters of The Magic Circle, Bruce left audiences gasping in disbelief – and also wondering if he had actually read their minds!

Business Events

You can trust Bruce Glen to treat your valued clients with courtesy and respect.

Bruce is one of the few full-time, professional magicians who speaks the corporate language. He is known as The Gentleman Magician because he engages with your customers and clients through a stylish, professional and magical performance.

With a background in radio, television and marketing communications, Bruce has worked as a Promotions Manager, Copywriter, Television Network Executive, Marketing / Public Relations Consultant, Radio Presenter and Actor.

He has provided specialist communications advice to some of Australia’s leading companies including: American Express, Coca-Cola, Optus and Mars Confectionery.

Every one of your clients is a VIP

Add BESPOKE MAGIC to Your Next Personal or Business Celebration

Bruce Glen, The Gentleman Magician, brings a stylish, tantalizing touch of excitement to any event.

Corporate Events

•           Business dinners / lunches (the perfect icebreaker)

•           Product launches (tailor-made to make your product the star of the show)

•           Trade shows / exhibitions (make your stand a sales magnet)

•           Training sessions / seminars (stimulating and relevant)

Unique in the world of magic and corporate entertainment, Bruce Glen knows how to take a brief from you, or your agency, and design a stylish, professional presentation that will enchant your customers and clients.

Bruce can design a tailor-made stage show; or walk amongst your guests and make magic happen before their very eyes, and sometimes, in their own hands. They will also be surprised at what he seems to know about them!

His BESPOKE MAGIC will also personalise the experience for important guests who may find themselves magically in possession of items bearing their own name or perhaps, your company logo.

Private Parties

•           Cocktail parties / birthdays / special celebrations (stylish, interactive fun)

•           Weddings / Christenings (extra enchantment for already magical events)

•           Bar Mitzvahs / Bat Mitzvahs (magic that your guests will always remember)

•           Christmas / end of year parties (surprises for everyone!)

Bruce’s clients have dubbed him ‘The Gentleman Magician’: acknowledging that his special skill is not only in the creation of startling, seemingly impossible events – but also in his ability to interact charmingly and intelligently with those most important people - your guests.


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