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Have an Exciting BirthdayParty Your Child will Never Forget…

My name is Glen Rhodes, I am a professional magician and I offer fun, interactive and entertaining programs for children.

This year I am presenting:

“The Perfect Magic Party”

It is an ideal blend of comedy and magic that gets all the children (& adults) screaming for more!

Every show is individually personalised!

The birthday child is the true “STAR” of the show! The magic words are “Happy Birthday [child's name]” and the magic happens right in their hands. I can even make the birthday child disappear! ! ! …. But don’t worry, they do reappear!

The Grand Finale…extra special!...your child waves the magic wand and makes my live rabbit, Rocky, appear ! ! !…Everyone just goes crazy ! ! !.

The entire show includes:

  • Hilarious Audience Participation – Everyone is part of the show! The magic happens right in the children’s hands.
  • Amazing Magical Feats – Truly awesome magic has everyone wondering “how”?
  • Prizes – Everyone gets a prize! Everyone is a winner
  • Individually Tailored - Remember not only are the magic words “Happy Birthday [child’s name]”, but your child also disappears!.. It is really just a big picture that disappears and then reappears! The kids just think it’s great!
  • The Big Finale – Your child waves the magic wand and presto – Rocky, the live rabbit appears ! ! !. The ooohs aand aaah's are deafening

Discover how easy it is to throw a 'stress free' party and create wonderful memories that'll last a lifetime. Don’t risk disappointing you or your child.

Sit back, relax, take a break... while the children (and adults) are enjoying Brisbane's Best Birthday Party Magic Show... ever!

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