Chinese Magician Aritist
Location: Australia Wide, Sydney
Country: Australia

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Mirko has been performing magic for over 5 years in China at annual meeting, birthday party, stage, and even street. He also traveled to different countries such as Egypt and France to do magic for local events or on street. He is master in different types of magic including close-up magic, stage magic and mentalism. With Mirko, you can experience a lot of amazing magical effects with audience participation. 





Mirko is specially good at doing close-up magic, which is suitable for almost any occasion. With highly skilled magic techniques and knowledge, he is able to do a wide range of close-up magic that involves playing cards, mobile phones, magic cubes, rubber bands, money, coins, etc. Unlike other magicians, he can make the magic happen right in front of the audience and even in their hands so that they can feel it rather than just see it from a distance.



Another type of magic is stage magic, which is able to demonstrate magic effects to all the audience at the same time. Mirko’s stage magic performance is different from other magicians since he has a great understanding of the relation between magic and music. He knows really well how to combine his magic performance with background music, making his performance more fluent and beautiful. He can also do magic on the stage with audience participation, adding a lot of fun to the performance.



‘You are amazing. Everyone loved your crazy magic! ’ – Oasis Rooftop Bar


‘Thank you for making our trip different and impressive. We will never forget your magic!’ – AIESEC Egypt


‘The kids loved all your magic tricks and they hope you can come back here again’ – Resala Charity Organisation in Cairo

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