Elio Simonetti
Location: Melbourne

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Stage Performance
Elegant conjuring to the classical serenades of Mozart. Comical characters to the choreography of an upbeat tango. Elio and Eva create an experience on stage that is uniquely creative, impeccably routined and irresistibly entertaining.

Intimate Wonders
Sophisticated conjuring brought up close and involving the spectators, where the inexplicable happens in their own hands. Performed silently or as a lively and heavily accented Italian gypsy. Delightfully charming, somewhat temperamental and completely engaging!

Elio Simonetti
Elio Simonetti has been a professional conjuror since the age of fifteen. His training in dance brings a characteristic bravado to his strong theatrical approach. He is the only Australian magician to have been invited to appear before:
-The Prince and Princess of Wales
-The President of Italy (before an audience of 10,000)
-Australian Heads of State.

Eva Salleh
This exotic beauty began her career on stage at the tender age of four, with appearances in a series of televised children's programmes in Singapore. A trained funk dancer, she possesses an unusual mix of glamour and innate comic timing.

As a couple
In addition to thousands of live performances throughout:
- Turkey
-and the United Kingdom, they have written, directed and produced shows, all with unparalleled success.

Unencumbered by large apparatus and tedious patter,  this amazing couple presents more magic in five minutes, than most illusionists do in an hour! Their inventive magic baffles not only their spectators, but also their peers. Elio and Eva are truly in a class of their own.

'I found their magic astonishing, their choreography seamless, and their rapport with the audience exceptional. They are an act of truly international calibre, and I recommend them highly.'
- Senior Cruise Director for Festival Cruises

'What a lovely couple and such scholars of the theatre. When Elio produced the dove, which flew arching over the balcony, it brought the house down. How the hell do we top that? The best!'
- Producer of The World Festival of Magic Tour

'Elio Simonetti - this guy was born to perform!'
- The Age Newspaper

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