Australia's Honest Con Man
Location: Melbourne

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“Despite fooling us over and over again, you just can’t help but like him.” - Squirrel Comedy

“Nicholas J. Johnson is the man to talk to about scams!” – ABC Statewide Drive

Hilarious … Nicholas J. Johnson is as good a laugh as he is a con man! ???? ½’ – Herald Sun

Nicholas J. Johnson has enthralled smart and savvy audiences for twenty years with his clever swindles and intricate sleight of hand. He combines the skills of a con artist, magician, comedian and sideshow entertainer in one incredible act.

This multi-award winning entertainer will steal your watch, cheat you with just a deck of cards, talk you out of your wallet and keep you laughing the whole time! 

Watch as Nicholas combines deception, illusion and comedy into a 15-45 minute presentation where classic scams are exposed and tall tales are told.

Let your guests go head to head with a master swindler playing classic con games, witness close up miracles and experience the finest ice-breaker around.

Nicholas is respected expert and author on con artists and scams and can present engaging and entertainment talks on identity theft, the pyschology of scams and his work exposing con artists around the world. 

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