Digital Close-up Magic - Customisable
Location: Melbourne
Country: Australia

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Our team creates original and technological magic presentations to highlight your products, logo, partners, actions or goodies, in an innovative and surprising way.

The combination of world-class sleight of hand magic and technology allows us to convey any promotional message you desire. We don’t just surprise your customers – we make sure they never forget you!

Not looking to communicate a message? No problem – our digital magic can be customised to simply suit the theme of your event, for example, an iPad used as a mind reading‘radiology device’at a medical convention, or an interactive‘blackhole’at a science exhibition. The possibilities are endless!

Our digital magic is appropriate for all intimate environments; cocktail parties, receptions, and dinners, with the magician roving from group to group (or table to table), performing short interactive shows (5-10 minutes).

Our performances can also make the perfect addition to your stand at an exhibition or trade show. Here, the magician will be sure to attract the largest crowd in the room, drastically increasing your brand's visibility.  Imagine the magician approaching your future clients by magically presenting your product or services on an iPad, then offering a magic gift to finish!

Digital performances can also be tailored so suit larger groups, even from a stage. Imagine several iPads, creating a giant screen, presenting your new products in a magical and innovative fashion at a customer meeting.

Digital magic enables direct, entertaining and customisable communication and can be adapted to suit any event: close up or on stage.

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