Marvelous Roving Magicians
Location: Brisbane
Country: Australia

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There is no logical explanation for our MARVELLOUS Magicians’ skills, apart from admitting they are actually MAGIC! What’s real and what’s a trick will never be harder to decipher as soon as you see our MAGNIFICENT Magicians at work. Our Magicians never fail to bring a smile to guests’ faces as they try and make sense of the real life MAGIC they have just experienced! We have a range of highly skilled magicians, ones that are perfect for families or more suited for corporate events; from stage acts, close-up magic and more, our options will adhere to any of your hopes and wishes. 


*Perfect for special events, weddings, shopping centres, fates, fundraisers and more!

*Elevate this service by adding some of our other skills such as; face painting, balloon making, aerial artistry, shows and more!

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