Ryan Razi Magician
Location: Glenelg East, Adelaide
Country: Australia

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Magician Ryan Razi is unlike any other magician you've seen. With his amazing sleight of hand magic and his crystal ball and ring juggling, he is guaranteed to leave you both amazed and mesmerised. Ryan Razi has been entertaining for almost a decade around Australia with his signature brand of close-up and stage magic. Specialising in entertainment for all types of events which include but not limited to club functions, corporate events, parties, restaurants and weddings nationally. You won't see any rabbits here, instead you see him dazzling you with a mixture of street magic, mind reading and contact juggling, with the smooth stage presence of an experienced performer. Having performed at the Adelaide Fringe numerous times to audience and critical praise


One of my most popular types of entertainment is close up magic suitable for any occasion. Highly skilled in sleight of hand, my magic involves the use of cards, coins, money, Rubik's cubes, rubber bands and sponge balls, where I stroll around from person to person showcasing my skills. The best thing about this act is it is right in front of the audience eyes and in their very hands, which they would never get to experience from a distance on stage.


My crowd favourite made famous by David Bowie in the movie Labyrinth, this act showcases four crystal balls juggled in the hands that look like they are floating in the air. This act blows people's minds and can be performed either close up or on stage. As well as balls, Razi is one of only a few performers that incorporates Buugeng S-Staffs and Eight Rings with contact juggling that is just as mesmerising and incredible to watch.


Looking for entertainment for your child's birthday? I offer a 30, 45 or 60-minute show for the kids that will make their special day even more special. The kind of magic I do involves the use of cards, coins, rope and sponge balls as well as my signature contact juggling act. The kids can get involved with the magic in front of them and the birthday boy/girl gets to keep a souvenir from the show.


Stage magic is a ton of fun and Razi’s show is unlike any other you have ever seen. Watch as Razi amazes his audience with his sleight of hand magic with cards and Rubik’s cubes, his mind-reading on unsuspecting audience members and his crystal ball juggling and ring manipulation guaranteed to be very mesmerising and not having anyone wanting to take their eyes away. Offered from anywhere between 10 minutes to 60 minutes.


‘Thank you for your legit jaw-dropping magic…you well and truly fooled us’ – Bryce’s Elizabeth

‘Everyone loved it’ – ACH Group

‘Your coolness factor must be off the hook!’ – HWY Hotel

‘Thoroughly recommend…the whole audience kept gasping with amazement’ – Talk Fringe

Client to provude: Refreeshments and parking close to venue

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Suitable for bars, functions, weddings, parties, and any type of stand up event. Razi will roam around from group to group sharing some of his magic tricks which include but not lkimited too finding a spectators signed card multiple times in impossible locations, vanishing and reappearing sponge balls and solving Rubik's cubes instantly 1 Hour Start From $195.00 Send Enquiry