Steven Seeley
Location: Melbourne
Country: Australia

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Who the hell is Steven Seeley?

Known as: "The Card Magcian" Steven Seeley is a sleight of hand master entertainer that has been performing professionally for almost 6 years. Steven has performed in all sorts of unique events including the worlds longest magic show, all sorts of Australian magic competitions and even in a pool under water! While discovering magic at the age of 8 years and specialising in Card Magic Steven went on to be inspired by many card cheats and magicians alike, Steven has priceless knowledge of the con, the hustler and the mechanics of cheating at gambling games. Dice, card mechanics, numbers and probability are all Stevens strengths.
So why Steven Seeley?
Stevens wacky sense of humour, sleight of hand skill and entertainment value will make your next event unforgetable! Steven has high experiance in customer service and has a very nice sales approach. From spewing cards out of his mouth to making lemons appear he will stun and amaze your audience.
Close-up Magic
Steven performs magic at an intimate level making the magic happen in the audience hands. Steven can even customize his magic for the event or occasion. Suitable for: restaurants, cocktail parties, trade shows and any event where a magician can 'stroll' and perform his wonderful feats of mystery.
Palor/Stage Magic
Steven offers a magic show for the medium sized audience that features some of his best routines ever! Each routine has been carefully selected to blend with the next. Again this act can be customized for the occasion. Suitable for fetes, banquets, birthdays, just about any event.
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