ATMO the Mime
Location: Noosa, Brisbane
Country: Australia

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A performer from an early age, 'ATMO' explored physical theatre, clowning, mask work, speech theatre, children drama, mime and improvised theatre (improv & impro). He performed solo mime from as young as 14 and was later invited by Cirque du Soleil for auditions. Residing in Australia now, international mime artist Erik Bigalk aka

'ATMO' the Mime, has done a lot of work with/at events and festivals, meet and greet, interactive and corporate events as well as in schools, with people with disabilities, dementia and frail older people. He has taught at his own Drama and Mime School for over 6 years, in schools, at youth/arts centres, assisted Spaghetti Circus with some of their shows and character training, worked with Wajellah - an Aboriginal Performing Arts Project, Red Sand Productions, Butterfly Spirit Theatre, Mirth and was featured at the Queensland Multicultural Festival, Woodford Folk Fest, Global Carnival, Gold Coast Food & Wine Fest and the NZ Fringe Fest 2005 - to name a few...

Widely loved for his charming Chaplin-esque fools-freak character 'Atmo' he has entertained young and old, professional people, families, children, adults, and youth in a wide range of settings... 

Imagine...  Atmo silently splashing fun and laughter across your function or event, injecting that unique flair of the silent art of mime (understood but almost all people regardless of language, culture, standing, or ability) subtly enhancing the experience of your guests with the unexpected - roving and interacting with guest adding a touch of the clownesque, funny, interactive and without detracting from the main focus of your event.

Atmo is also available for short-shows, the classics of mime and to run workshops - be it for team building or simply for fun - available for all ages.

Client to provide:  Refreshments, a private and secure change room (toilets are not acceptable) and parking close to venue.

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