Silk Road Tribal Collective
Location: Brisbane
Country: Australia

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Imagine if you will a journey of Original and Middle Eastern inspired music and movement…Silk Road Tribal Collective offers an ensemble performance of dynamic dance and evocative story-telling…come listen to our tale. Silk Road Tribal Collective is a Brisbane based collaboration combining the creative sounds of The Firedrakes, and the dynamic Tribal Bellydance stylings of Anukara & Silk Road Rebellion. Tribal Bellydance is a contemporary dance form, powerful in its synergy and common dance language. Our dancers present evocative pieces featuring swords, silk veils and fans, decorative tribal baskets, Indian tea tray balancing, zils, flags, and even firework on special request. The Collective can present a collaboration enmasse or intimate, imagine colourful skirts and costumes adorned with trinkets from the Silk Road, a celebration of movement flavoured at times with a taste of Romani and Gypsy inspiration. The Firedrakes offer a delightful and spirited soundtrack, with string and percussion instruments including Oud, Kemence, Daf, Guitar and Dahola…vocals add to the mix with additional guest vocalists available on occasion. Songs of today and yesteryear, both familiar and new to the ear will haunt your senses, a captivating and gentle sound reminiscent of celtic flavours, the passion of the Moors, and the alleyways of the Middle East, Silk Road Tribal Collective are experienced at delighting community event audiences, having entertained audiences at the 2015/2016 Woodford Folk Festival, the Brisbane Fringe Festival and Welcome Fest 2015 hosted by Multicultural Queensland - MDA. For a truly spectacular performance option consider the beautiful live music offering with Tribal Bellydancers from two different Tribes uniting for your event.

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