The Murder Company
Location: Melbourne
Country: Australia

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Our Interactive "Whodunits", Trivia/shows and Horse Race Games are suitable for any occasion and anywhere between 6-300 people can be involved. We can help make your party, special occasion or corporate function a complete success.

MURDER MYSTERY NIGHTS/WEEKENDS  When you come to one of our mystery nights you don't just watch the show, you are part of the show. Our talented team of actors create a fun, comfortable atmosphere where members of the audience are encouraged and applauded to take part in solving the crime without doing the time. We have over 17 mystery themed nights include to choose from and do over 300 each year around Australia. Some of our most popular mysteries include:

The Great Capital Caper Travel to the sleazy underworld of Chicago of the 1930’s to find out who shot Vince "The Knife" Spagatelli. Could it have been something to do with his robbery of the Capital Bank or is the boss, Tyrone "The Shark" Grappa trying to keep control of the mob? Put on an old suit and a bad accent to become a gangster, gangster’s mole or a crooked politician

Not Staying Alive Put on the flared pants, platform shoes and the ABBA records for our mystery set in a seventies disco. Manager Art Deco, has been mysteriously murdered and the fun is to "Stay Alive". Featuring characters from the fabulous seventies. (a very popular, fun story that gets everyone up and dancing!)

GAMES/ TRIVIA NIGHTS Builds on the unique audience participation and fun of our popular Murder Mystery nights but without the need to kill anyone! A Games Night is a fun competition of table against table tailored to suit your group. The emphasis is on entertainment and each round is a different format of quiz questions including Trivia.  Music trivia.  Pick your face. Guess the name of the celebrity or sports face. Television Themes, Sing the next Line and more

A NIGHT AT THE RACES An interactive and entertaining horse race event for indoor or outdoor use including betting and "live" horse racing (without the horses) • How it Works • Each race features six “horses” selected from your guests. Two large dice are thrown, the first selects the horse that will be moving and the second dice selects the number of places it will move. The dice are thrown again and again until one "horse" makes it to the end of the track to be the winner. As the race progresses and horses move our comic host builds the excitement just like a real horse race.

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