The Gift
Location: Melbourne, Melbourne
Country: Australia

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Solo Soprano, Solo Tenor or 2 piece (duo) A Gift is delivered 30 minute 'present'ation Scintillating songs and tear jerking sentiments – tailored to you. The host of the function announces to the guests: "As a token of my appreciation/in celebration of… I have a gift for you all..." A deliveryman enters the room wheeling a box on a trolley. From the box explodes balloons and a savvy soprano who somehow knows more about the individuals in the room than anyone had anticipated. The deliveryman astonished and inspired by this unusual 'parcel', proceeds to impersonate the famous Pavarotti. He sings, expands, and soon is so large he finds it difficult to exit! The show finishes with inspiring placards containing life-provoking thoughts (much like the famous Bob Dylan film clip) reminding us all that "Life is a Gift".
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