Alison Heart - Clairvoyant/ Medium
Location: Sydney
Country: Australia

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Alison’s life has been, and continues to be a life full of experience in the field of psychic phenomena. She is able to converse with Spirits, Angels, Guides, and loved ones who have passed over. In doing so she brings forth much needed assistance for people, and their paths.

Alison is well versed in the area of working with both individuals and groups.

Her fun & friendly approach has assisted hundreds of people to see into their futures to change their Pre-sent. In her group or personal readings, Alison offers clear & accurate insight into the Universal Energies surrounding each person, and introduces people to the spirits and guides who walk with them and who are there to care for, and assist them.

Those touched by Alison and her work have described it as a life changing experience which is both entertaining, and enlightening, and somehow seems to allow them to access everything they’ve always known they were, but couldn't quite be. People have described it as something that invites their true self to shine through into their true path, making life easier, more joyful, and more expansive.

Love will always flow onto those touched by Alison’s work and whatever may be preventing them from walking in their full potential, can be altered.

Alison’s amazing ability to change the energy of any environment she is in is guaranteed to light up all those around her. If your party, event or establishment would benefit from such an uplifting experience then Alison’s your girl! Alison’s professional approach lends itself to both the conservative and to the unconventional. She can adapt to any situation and all people in a way that is truly inspirational. She is available for any type of function, themed or otherwise.

Alison offers more than just readings. She is able to gently open up people’s hearts & minds to the infinite possibilities that are truly available to them.

Alison is available as a clairvoyant to work with individuals and/or to entertain groups, a life guide, a motivational speaker, a group or personal meditation teacher/facilitator, for home and office de-cluttering (energetic), and other life changing tools.



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