ANITA - Tarot/Psychic
Location: Trentham / Daylesford
Country: Australia

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With 25 years of Tarot Reading experience under my belt, allow me to fascinate and entertain your guests! (Currently working at 'Spellbox'). I will add a touch of astrology to personalize each reading, which is given in a warm and light hearted manner. Tarot Readings are 5-10 min. duration making them suitable for corporate events, product launches, Xmas and new year functions, hens parties, birthday functions or theme parties (I am able to dress according to theme for you eg. Arabian Dancer, Bollywood, Gypsy, Retro, Medieval etc.).

My past experience lies in a variety of Tarot areas, including 5 years answering calls on a popular Tarot Line, where I received enquires from all over Australia and New Zealand.

I have attended numerous Corporate and Family Functions where I was employed to entertain and read tarot for guests.  Some of them include Crown Casino on New Year's Eve, Product Launches at Docklands, Mother's Day Luncheons at Hilton Hotel, Xmas Functions for Met Link at Caulfield Race Course, Hens Nights, Birthday Celebrations, Themed Birthday Parties etc.


I am available to run Tarot Classes and Workshops if you are looking for something different or esoteric. I have been presenting these to the public  through Community and Neighbourhood Centres over the past ten years, which have proved very popular.


My interest and fascination of Tarot began in my late teens, when I endeavored to teach myself, by purchasing a French Deck that proved too challenging for any beginner. I am happy to say that a few years later I enrolled in an a basic Tarot class and found it much easier using the well known Rider Wait Deck. Twenty years later this deck still accompanies me to many a function! 

To further improve my readings I decided to study Astrology for two years and found that this deepened my understanding of the Tarot.  Astrology proved to be a valuable tool in opening up more doors to this fascinating and ancient divination tool. I  use my knowledge to unlock personality traits and give a much deeper reading.

Not satisfied with this, I felt that I could do a little more to enhance my readings and proceeded to join a  local Psychic Circle.  After two very interesting years fine tuning my intuition, this class proved to be the  most valuable in giving a well rounded reading.

I have an understanding of Chakras, Crystals, Positive Thinking etc. which all add to a richer and more rewarding reading for my clients!


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