Liz Prince
Location: Ocean Reef, Perth
Country: Australia

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*   Free yourself from old emotional baggage and stored pain that has held you back for years

*   Uncover old cell memories, clear them completely and allow healing to begin

*   Find true clarity and open into the experience of deep, lasting peace and fulfilment

*   Access your boundless potential, the innate wisdom of your being

*   Live your life as a joyous expression of the true radiance you always knew was present deep inside

Liz also offers Private Counselling and people who seek her services often describe the following: *Feelings of being blocked in life *Hearing intrusive thoughts and voices *Recognition that some behaviour is not consistent with your usual personality *Repetitious dreams or nightmares *Problems following the use of pendulums or ouija boards *Addictions *Sexual Dysfunction *Feelings of abandonment *Feelings of not being alone in your body *Feelings of being followed or stalked *Relationship problems *Phobias and irrational fear, sadness, anger, guilt etc *Feelings of confusion, disconnection from life and others around you *Feeling "spacey" or not with it .

Treatment options available include: *Negative energy and entity clearance for the clearance of non-physical intruders and energetic atachments *Soul-Light-Journey - Guided recall of present life, birth and prenatal memories and past life incidents *Soul Fragment Recovery of those fragments of your soul essence which have been separated from you during periods of trauma (past or present incarnation) *Intensive Healing of soul fragmentation, removal of cellular memory, healing of energetic/auric damage and timing which is given clearly and without judgement.  Liz is also adept in the fields of healing (reiki and crystal), Past Life Regression and the clearance of negative energies and entities from people and places.  Demonologist and spirit rescuer.

Liz has been reading tarot cards for the public for 12 years and uses the cards as a tool along with her Spiritual guides and has developed a good reputation in Perth, monopolising the city reading trade, including many who travel directly from the airport to see her after having been referred by another satisfied client. Liz specialises in romance and business, having guided many clients both here and overseas through the intricacies of both their romantic lives and careers and she is able to accurately predict future events. Liz can hone in on a person and describe the events happening around them so that you might know what is happening in the heart of the one you love.  She has also been able to help navigate difficult business negotiations for many corporate clients and this has seen these clients returning to her again and again.

Liz is also proficient in hands on and distant healing during which she is able to completely clear the aura by balancing chakras & removing all negativity including past lives & soul fragments, unblocking and helping a person to move forward using techniques that are unique to her.  Let Liz take care of your staffs spiritual well being by organising a healing after noon or weekend or have her help you negotiate those difficult business decisions.  You wont regret Liz's input and this will see you coming back to her again and again.

Liz is actively working in the psychic field as we speak in shops and markets and is available also for private parties, hens nights, suspense and suspender nights, tarot parties and mediumship nights wherein the hostess recieves her reading for event too big or small and packages are available based on numbers attending.  Liz can also provide themed packages with a gift for the hostess or hen .

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