Melanie Reddie - Medium, Psychic & Trance medium
Location: Melbourne
Country: Australia

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Imagine having to hear your Angels speak to you?

Well, that is the kind of reading you will have with Mel Reddie. Her readings are provided to you by your Angels. She doesn’t know you, your life, your path, your history, your pet, your plants or your vehicles! But your Angels do! That is why they are the ones doing the readings. Your angels are upfront, they care about you & they want you to have the reading that comes from them. When you speak with Mel Reddie, she is there, but she says, “I don’t know you – but they do”    

Mel Reddie is here to provide you with messages from your Archangels. They are the ones doing the reading - purely & simply, when you book Mel, you will meet her, communicate with her normally like you would any other person, but when she has her "psychic hat" on, it is your Angels in a reading whom are communicating with you. Sure you hear her voice, but it is the spirit/energy of your archangels, your guides to the spirit of your loved one, or dog is what is communicating with you.

As a child she had felt the presence of energy, seen her Angels visit her as a four year old, but it wasn’t till her mother died that led to the connection with her Angelsn a whole new level, so once the connection was made, the presence has not left her.

To give you an idea of the services Mel Reddie provides would only just be a listing, but that is just a listing, for anything else, please ask her, but in general here are the tyes of readings Mel Reddie provides: 

  • Psychic reading
  • Mediumship
  • Trance mediumship
  • object reading
  • ghost clearings
  • tea cup readings
  • weapon readings
  • past life
  • Psychic art/teaching 
  • Animal psychic art/teaching
  • House & Property readings/clearings
  • Aura/Chakra Healings/readings
  • Psychic Development
  • readings for people with disabilities
  • Pre-psychic Development reading
  • Astrological Forecast—Eastern & Western
  • Meditation
  • psychic palmistry
  • psychic phrenology
  • psychic reflexology
  • psychic genealogy
  • tattoo readings
  • vehicle reading
  • animal reading/healing
  • health scanning
  • face reading
  • dream reading
  • angel greeting cards
  • angel message cards
  • plant reading    
  • Psychic Feng Shui/Art
  • angel spell’s
  • current life reading
  • crystal healing
  • tarot
  • psychic location
  • angel totem
  • reiki
  • psychic counselling
  • spirit/ghost clearing   
  • angel healing
  • past life reading
  • business service’s 
  • Workshops                     
  • photo reading              
  • eye reading

Mel Reddie works with any tool where she can tell you about; where the tool came from, the energy of the country it came from, what the energy of the tool is to how it is used, items in your home, tarot & Mel can even give you a reading of your head, feet or hands (or any other part of your body).

Mel can tell you about your path, your life path, where it is heading to the health of your body. You can even request a reading about the cellular structure in your body, which may assist you in your healing, scan your body like an MRI & then connect tell you about your cholesterol, vitamins & what foods may help you in your healing.  In essence, Mel Rreddie connects with her guides & guardian angels who act as the channel to which your guides & guardian angels come through & provide you with the reading.

Whether it is a clearing of your energy to cleanse your chakra/aura for you or your pet, to find out the past life of you or your pet or even your plant, Mel Reddie can provide you a reading for those areas & much more.

Mel Reddie has been teaching psychic development for just over three years, these students have been members of the community to other psychics, helping them work with their energies & also teaching members of the community that their gifts are not just “things that they can do”. Mel Reddie can teach you everything she can do, with time, patience, compassion & clear boundaries, your skills are waiting to open up for you.

Expos –

  • Local expos in Melbourne since 2010
  • Platform demonstrations – since 2010
  • Psychic Development – since 2010


Corporate Readings –

Corporate events could cover any event – small function to a larger function -

  • Celebration’s for your business
  • Hen’s parties
  • Birthday celebrations
  • High Tea Parties
  • Afternoon Tea Parties
  • Baby showers
  • Platform readings/demonstrations

A second Psychic/medium may need to be called on, this will be arranged by me – the costs for the second psychic is the same – invoices will be made separately.

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