Mystic Mel
Location: Park Beach, Coffs Harbour
Country: Australia

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Allow your guest to take away a little insight into the next step of their lives...

Do you remember something that some one said as a powerful contributer to your life?

They'll go away talking... and wondering for days after...

"Änd there was this reader there... and she said ...."

Talking about your party, remembering the fun yet insightful gift you gave them that day... And connecting that to you.

It is my path... understanding people... to inspire, direct and align them with their true gifts that lay within them.

"I believe the tarot is a reflection of the inner subconcious of a person. As a reader it is a wonderful opportunity to empower individuals with choice, and inspire them on their path. Words can create the seed of change neccessary for the next step.. Are you aligned with your passion?"

Pretty deep huh!

Readings are always fun. People laugh at themselves all the time.

Mel has been reading and consulting the Tarot for over 10 years, from the age of 19yrs old when she recieved her first deck of the Arthurian Tarot .

Always intrigued by the Mysterious and unknown, she followed her calling from Wollongong, Balmain Sydney, N.S.W. to Israel and Egypt, and then onto the Sunshine Coast in Queensland where she now resides.

78 steps of wisdom...

She has read in shopping centres from Canberra to Inner City Sydney, at Psychic fairs, Luna Park and many Corporate Christmas Parties.

Readings are meant to be fun and positive. Where there is depth there needs to be light...

A great way to open up your guests and have them feel welcome. They'll all have something to talk about !

Melanie supplies all her own set up and can cater for indivual settings... Choose the mood you want to create.

Guests will choose from a variety of decks and included is a rune reading.



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