Location: Double Bay, Sydney
Country: Australia

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Deborah Bauer is a qualified Astrologer and holds a Diploma in Psychological Astrology. She has studied numerous Ancient Spiritual and Mystical traditions including Numerology and the Mythological principle of Tarot and its symbolic affinity with the deeply profound teachings of Kabbalah. Deborah has presented on radio as well as television and has had articles featured in a number of newspapers and magazines. She has also undertaken Counselling/development training, pursuing a Bachelors Degree in Applied Social Science and has been adapting a methodology for combining Psychology, Astrology and Mythology from a perspective of spiritual healing. As well as working with individual clients, Deborah also runs Metaphysical workshops including Astrological tuition.
Hi and welcome. ….My name is Deborah Bauer and I am here ....continually creating and recreating a rich and fulfilling life. Here... to manifest my dreams by endeavoring to do what I say and say what I mean.... Aspiring to reach up and bring Heaven down to Earth ...creating a place.... a home where my imaginings can flourish....creativity, art, music, the mystical, the spiritual are my desired food and sustenance... world. I like to connect deeply with others, share stories of our build bridges...and being aware of the Light and the Darkness within myself and the world, I make an effort to keep my heart open.... because......ultimately ...I believe in love, .....magic, miracles and destiny..... Life for me... is an adventurous quest and I thirst for knowledge. Cherishing the growth that every experience brings to me, I've learnt that even the painful lessons have been my best teachers. I am profoundly interested in the creative arts, music, theater, philosophy, psychology, the mystical, the spiritual and all that uplifts my soul. I try not to take anything or anyone for granted and make time to enjoy many of the good things that life has to offer... good friends, family, the wonder and beauty of nature, all art forms and especially music. I enjoy thought provoking books, dramatic theater (I am also a voice-over artist) and I do love dancing..... even alone. I am also very passionate about my work through my studies in Mysticism which allows me to direct my instinctive compassion into helping other people along their journey as they help me along mine.

I am renowned internationally for my ability to attune and connect to people and as such I know that I will be able to assist you in regard to relationships, career and all other aspects of your life.

My Readings include: - Astrology, Tarot, Palmistry, Numerology, Clairvoyance, Psychometry, Dream Interpretation, Channeling, Mythology, Pendulum dowsing, Chakra Cleansing, Crystal Healing, Affirmations and much, much more 

Consider holding a Meditation or Healing afternoon for your staff to assist with stress relief and create greater harmony in mind, body and soul, or perhaps I could facilitate a Dream, Astrology, Palmistry or Tarot workshop.

I am available for private Astrology/Tarot Parties at a public venue for a minimum of  two hours.. Bookings of 8 or more, the hostess receives their reading for FREE.
May we all count our Blessings
Deborah Bauer
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