Psychic Sony Crystal
Location: Melbourne
Country: Australia

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Do you want to be happy, healthy, peaceful, confident and assertive? Please allow me to help you to shine. My name is Sony Crystal. I am 66 years old and l am Australian. I am a Counsellor, a Face Reader and an Empath.

I have a special God given gift of being able to read people’s faces. I have had this gift ever since I was a child, and I use it to help me while I am counselling clients. This gift enables me to read a client’s personality and character, their inner weaknesses and strengths, their special gifts and talents.

Being an Empath is a beautiful God given gift and a spiritual power, although it does not always feel like it to me. I am able to feel the emotions, the energy and even the physical pain of others. For well over twenty five years now I have been successfully counselling clients with great results. I help clients to regain their self-esteem, heal themselves and become confident.
I help clients who have been in abusive relationships to regain control over their lives, and l show them how they can heal themselves. I also teach clients how to protect themselves from abusive people. 

When I meet a client for the first time, I read their face for them. We then discuss the issues the client is facing. I offer easy methods and solutions to help the client overcome those challenges. I have actually experienced nearly every life challenge a person could experience, so as a counsellor, l can quite easily identify with whatever challenge a client is experiencing.
Throughout my life I was always guided to the right answers, on how to overcome each one of my life challenges. I now share all that valuable knowledge and experience with my clients, and everyone else around the world.

You can read some of my reviews from clients and friends on my website. Over thirty thousand people from around the world look at my website every month, to find information to help them to deal with their life challenges.

Sony Crystal Professional Counselling Over 25 Years Experience

Specialising In:
Face Reading, Personal, Relationships, Marriage & Family Counselling, Depression, Emotional Abuse, Stress & Anxiety, Anger Management, Life Coaching & Goal Setting.

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