Psychic Sony Crystal
Location: Melbourne
Country: Australia

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Do you wish to be happy?
Do you wish to be confident?
Do you wish to be loved? 
Then let me help you to shine!!
My name is Sony Crystal. I am 53 years old and Australian. I have the gift of Anthroposcopy which is divination by observing the facial features. I have had this gift since I was a child and I use it when I am counselling women.
This gift enables me to see a woman's character, her passions and inclinations. I can see in her eyes whether she is holding onto any trauma from the past or present.
I use my gift for reading faces like an emotional x-ray that   enables me to target what and where the client  needs help with.
For well over twelve years I have been successfully counselling women of all ages on all issues. I help women to regain their self-esteem and self-confidence. I also  help  women in abusive relationships to regain control over their lives. I teach them how  to prevent men from abusing them anymore.
When I see a client for the first time, I read their face for them, some women cry when I do it, so I don't read their face in public. We then discuss the issues the client is facing and I offer easy methods and solutions to help the client overcome those challenges.
I have experienced everything hard a woman can go through, and have emerged as a very strong spirited, understanding and empathic woman because of it. Through my journey I was guided to the answers to each experience and I now share that knowledge with my clients.
After a session I ask the client if they would like me to read their cards for them, usually the cards confirm what I have already said to them during the session.
I really would like to see couples come to me first before they get married. If they have low self-esteem we can address it. It is a recipe for disaster when two people who feel insecure, unworthy and unlovable venture forth into marriage. As the years roll by, they will pick and kick all the love out of their relationship till there is nothing left in their hearts!
I have gift cards you can give to friends in trouble.
For many years I have advised my clients that  the more they can love themselves, the more they can love others, the more others can love them!!
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