Kids Ventriloquist puppet show - Lindi Jane
Location: Melbourne/Adelaide
Country: Australia

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Lindi Jane is Australia’s leading female Ventriloquist/Personality.  She has been performing throughout Australia & Overseas touring and on cruise lines. Presenting her stage performance  for Children ages 3 – 10! 30 minute or 55 minute performance for your next kids party, festival or event.

This ‘Edutainment’ stage show is also a TV series on Community TV this features Lindi Jane and her lead character, Snap Crocodilous as he introduces to us his Kakadu mates, Dazey Wallabee, Fluffi-Feline, Sniffer Dog, Tildy Waltzing and special guest Billy Kidney created by Lindi Jane for Kidney Health Australia as their cute Children's ambassador.

This stage and TV performance features clever Ventriloquism, Comedy, Songs, Dance, Games, Happy Life Skills, Educational and Environmental themes, Exercise & Healthy eating concepts.

Snap's Kakadu Club stage and TV was developed by Lindi Jane's award winning Australian stage show. The stage show takes her all around the world and was voted best Children's performance in Dubai and on Channel 31.

Lindi Jane is now working on her new series ‘SKCTV’ for today’s child airing soon!

Birthday parties are personalised and your Birthday child receives a complimentary birthday present from SNAP!

If you loved Shari Lewis and Lamb Chop, Hi-Five and The Muppet's you are surely to enjoy Snap's Kakadu Club!


Lindi Jane is a wonderful cross-arts creative artist who tours the world with her self-created puppet team which includes Snap Crocodilous, Sniffer Dog, Dazey Wallabee, Fluffi-Feline, Billy Kidney and Bonza Mate! Lindi Jane’s Puppet show for kids focuses on teaching children important messages such as be kind to each other, excepting everyone is different and being happy and healthy. A great children’s show from Australia! from ‘E-live around town’ by Nadia Khalifeh in Dubai.


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