Vern the Bird
Location: Melbourne
Country: Australia

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Vern is a cuddly character that loves to tickle chins and to get up to mischief.Vern is a great roving character loved by adults and children alike. *Vern is an Axtell Puppet.

Vern for Adults
Vern is unlucky in love. Her stunning looks and lovable nature are always a talking point at any event she attends. Whilst Vern is admired and well liked, sadly guests often laugh at her as she is always falling for the wrong guy.

Vern for Kids
Vern is a lovable, cheeky and mischievous bird. Children love to pat her, stroke her beautiful feathers and tickle her under the chin – Vern is VERY ticklish. She is always well behaved when her owner is looking but the mischief she gets up to when he’s not will leave everyone laughing at her naughty pranks.





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