Dorothy of Oz
Location: Richmond, Melbourne
Country: Australia

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There's no place like home! There's no place home! And there's no character more memorable and everlasting than the Wonderful Wizard of Oz's Dorothy. Fall in love with all over again with Dorothy as she follows the yellow brick road to the emerald city.


Our Dororthy is the Judy Garland classic Hollywood version, dressed in her blue dress and brunette pigtail, our Dorothy will transport your guests back to the most magical realm in storybook history bringing wonder and joy and making dreams come true.


Dorothy is great for:

·         Roving entertainment

·         Large scale multi-faceted events

·         Intimate parties

·         Festivals

·         Kids parties

·         Comic and Cosplay conventions

·         Meet and greet events

·         Photo ops and signings or

·         Live-action choreographed shows that can be catered to your specific needs

So click your ruby red heels three times and be swept over the rainbow with Dorothy and the wonderful of the Wizard of Oz! 

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