Fools Like Us
Location: Melbourne
Country: Australia

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In addition, Fools Like Us can devise brand new shows for a specific theme or event. They write and perform Personalised speeches and songs for particular occasions and have an innovative approach to MC work Join Bob Robert Longbottom in his pursuit of sheer excellence as he presents the greatest show on earth! Oblivious to his own simple-mindedness, the ever confident Bob dazzles himself and the audience with his distinctive style and unique feats. Gertie, his helpful yet clumsy assistant, creates chaos for Bob and unwittingly steals the limelight. A hilarious adventure of manic mayhem that children will thoroughly enjoy. The Snow Show An original and quirky performance based on the siding adventures of zany clowns. These outrageous characters attempt impossible feats, challenge traditional skiing techniques and tangle themselves in a myriad of positions. Combining! slapstick, acrobatics and zany props, ?The Snow Show? is entertainment for all ages. Cookin Time A hilarious show during which the characters give a cooking demonstration. Chef Bob finds it necessary to highlight the importance of hygiene in the kitchen, while Gertie innocently juggles a tray of eggs. The result is utter pandemonium! Popular at festivals and outdoor events, 'Cookin' Time' is a timeless comic routine.

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