Hot Pinks - Stilt walkers & dancer
Location: Melbourne, Melbourne
Country: Australia

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Hot Pinks on stilts can also be accompanied by a Hot Pink winged dancer on the ground, creating an artistic blending of levels.  This is a new act, which was created for the Burning Man Festival, Nevada Desert, USA 2013. 

Height : 5 meters tall.

Tall Poppies is a company of ten stilt walkers who have performed in 570 cities and towns worldwide. 

At Tall Poppies, we love performing, and thrive on providing the very highest quality of entertainment with our unique 'larger than life' characters. Our team are professionally trained dancers and performers, specializing in beautiful movement and large scale puppetry.  Our acts are known for their complex and visually spectacular designs, and for the performers heartwarming audience interaction. 

We love the performing life-style. It envelopes us in a great variety of festivals and celebrations, and we feel very privileged to be invited to so many incredible events.


Technical Specifications – Stiltuesque

Green/Dressing room:  A secure dressing area out of view of the public with a table and chairs must be supplied as close to the roving area as possible. Normal sized doors and elevators are fine (except for the Elephants which cannot fit). Escalators and stairs are not possible. 5 step ladder must provided for the Elephants as the performers need to stilt up on this.

Parking: Free parking must be provided as close to the dressing area as possible.

Food: Is not required, but is really appreciated, as the performing is very strenuous (we make it look easy, but it's not) and our breaks are short.  For professional reasons we prefer to not be seen by the public in our face paint.   

Surface requirements: Stilt-walkers cannot perform on excessively slippery, muddy, sandy surfaces or near deep water. Please inform the performers in advance if there will be confetti, bubble or smoke machines, or fireworks / flares in operation near the performance area. 

Safety: The client is responsible for providing a safe workplace at all times. The performers have the right at any time to cease performance in the event they believe their safety is at risk, without forfeiting payment.



Summary Time Price
Stiltuesque fees: One performer:  $460 - up to 1 hour roving  $530 - 2 hours (2 x 45 minutes) $625 - 3 hours (3 x 40m) $765 - 4 hours (4 x 35m)  $1,045 - 5 hours Two performers:  $795 - up to 1 hour roving  $945 - 2 hours (2 x 45 minutes) $1,110 - 3 hours (3 x 40m) $1,375 - 4 hours (4 x 35m) $1,765 - 5 hours 30 minute sets Start From $0.00 Send Enquiry