Itchy Feet Pep Band
Location: Melbourne
Country: Australia

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The Itchy Feet Pep Band offers a brassy combination of music and mischief, marching and mayhem. Their performances create an exciting atmosphere, whether it’s leading a street procession, roving through a crowd, welcoming guests or presenting a 'cabaret' show at festivals or corporate functions. Audiences hear and see a performance that is completely different from any other marching band they have experienced.


Based in Melbourne, the Itchy Feet Pep Band is Australia's favourite comic marching band, having featured at festivals, parades and tattoos in locations around Australia and overseas, including Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, and throughout Asia. The Pep Band has provided entertainment for audiences of all ages at cultural festivals, private and corporate functions, flower, art and agricultural shows, children’s events, regional festivals, and major city celebrations. The band has also represented Australia three times at the Hong Kong Chinese New Year Festival, most recently in 2008.



Based on a typical American college ‘pep band’, The Itchy Feet Pep Band ranges in size from ten to fifteen brass players and percussionists. Led by their pompous prancing posing Drum Major, their performances are anything but typical! To hear music is one thing...To see it is another.


Roving shows are an exciting way to attract a crowd. If you need to move people around a venue, the Itchy Feet Pep Band is the ideal group to lead the way.  Upon arrival of guests at their destination, we can cap off the performance with a static, theatrical routine.
As your guests mingle before a dinner, your employees wait before a conference or your family loiter at a barbecue, the Itchy Feet Pep Band can rove through the crowd, involving everyone directly in the performance. 
We can customise our shows to suit your requirements and provide performances to entertain both adults and children alike.
With roots stretching back to the dawn of the marching band, the Itchy Feet Pep Band is ideal for any type of street parade, be it a regional festival or public celebration.  And just when you think you’ve seen it all, Itchy Feet will break into all kinds of mayhem while the Musical Director tries desperately to regain some form of order.
The Itchy Feet Pep Band has regularly performed in the Bendigo Easter Festival, and has made appearances in the Melbourne Moomba parade, Melbourne Cup parade and in numerous other street parades around the country.  With their colourful costumes and eccentricities, Itchy Feet are the perfect addition to any event.
The Itchy Feet Pep Band is renowned for its work in the corporate entertainment industry.  They have performed at Crown Casino, the Carlton Crest and Rydges hotels and at countless venues around Melbourne, and are at home in small and large spaces alike.
The band is perfect for circus-themed events, with their Drum Major becoming a ringmaster who can move around the room ushering your guests from point A to point B.  The band can make a grand entrance and form a guard of honour, or can make a subtle entrance and appear out of nowhere.
Whether you’re hosting a social function or a conference, a board retreat or a morning tea, Itchy Feet can work with you to create a performance that will leave everyone tapping their feet.
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