Mandala Moon Hoops
Location: Melbourne
Country: Australia

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Currently based in Melbourne, Colette and Charlotte each have 5 years experience hula hooping, with 3 years experience performing together at European festivals. Mandala Moon will not only impress you with their multi-hoop skills, but will dazzle you with matching makeup and an array of bespoke, handmade outfits. Outfits and performances can be adapted\created to suit a particular theme of the event.

Mandala Moon can offer:

Roving\Walkabout freestyle performance

Choreographed multi-LED hoop shows

Fire hula hoop performance

Pop up workshops (by request only)

Performance experience:

Boom Festival (Portugal), 2016

Albert Schloss - Regular cabaret performance (Manchester, UK) 2016

Sydney Mardi Gras (Sydney, NSW) 2016

Noisily Festival (UK), 2016, 2015

Festival Number 6 (UK), 2016, 2015, 2014

Audio Farm Festival (UK) 2016, 2015, 2014

4 Seasons Hotel (Sydney, NSW) 2015

Hornsby Festival (Sydney, NSW) 2015

Glastonbury - Greenpeace area (UK) 2015

Gottwood Festival (UK) 2015, 2014

Beathearder Festival (UK) 2015 

Cabaret Regale @ The Dance House - cabaret performance (Manchester, UK) 2014

Parklife Festival (UK) 2015, 2014

Manchester Gay Pride (UK) 2014 

St Paul’s Carnival (Bristol, UK) 2013

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