Storm Troopers
Location: Melbourne
Country: Australia

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Storm Troopers

The classic Dark Side bad-guys in the legendary Star Wars films, these Storm Troopers are ready to crush the rebellion. But wait, does The Force still linger deep inside? Do the good guys and the entire galaxy have a glimmer of hope when these guys are on patrol? Why, yes they do!

Two Storm Troopers in full white military uniform will not only roam and interact at your event (keeping the Jedi at bay) but also bust-a-move dancing to fully choreographed routines in a fun-filled, entertaining and high-energy show.

Strom Troopers are great for:

·         Roving entertainment

·         Large scale multi-faceted events

·         Intimate parties

·         Festivals

·         Kids parties

·         Comic and Cosplay conventions

·         Meet and greet events

·         Photo ops and signings or

·         Live-action choreographed shows that can be catered to your specific needs


So storm ahead into the battle field and release these iconic Star Wars characters at your next event! 

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