The Ukulele Ladies
Location: Melbourne
Country: Australia

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The Ukulele Ladies

‘A bit of Vegas, a pinch of Hawaii, and a punch of Tamworth.  These gals could charm the wig off Tony Mokbel.’

What they do
Ukulele Ladies are a roving, dancing, singing, chatting, plucking and strumming phenomenon. Wearing too-big wigs and gaudy clothing, the Ukulele Ladies are a hilarious, crowd gathering sight. With a high level of singing and playing skill, they shine for being wickedly funny and genuinely talented. They can be gentle, cheeky or just damn bolshie if the occasion calls for it.
The Ukulele Ladies are available as a duo or solo roving or stage act.

Who are they
The Ukulele Ladies  have been hocking their wares at Festivals and events since 1999.  Featuring two outrageously talented musical performers and their ukuleles - Shirley Billing (Circus OZ band) and Andrea Rieniets (singer/songwriter).  No song is safe from their hilarious spin.  Amy Winehouse, Elvis and Michael Jackson are taken for a burn around the block,  cultural dancing is turned on its head and ‘Wigging Out’ is given new definition. 
......Think color and movement, then add a virtuoso ukulele player!

Where they work
  • On the streets
  • In-theatre
  • At conferences and conventions – content tailoring available
  • At festivals – roaming and onstage
  • At private events – weddings, parties, funerals (why should the living have all the fun?)

‘Hilarious and talented.’
Sheridan Green, Creative Producer Gasworks Arts Park

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