Chinese Musical Acts
Location: Sydney
Country: Australia

Travel Information:

All performers are available to travel. All Accom.,Food and travel related expenses to be met by client. Additional fees will apply for overnight stays.

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Gu Zheng (Harp),Pipa (Chinese Lute),Bamboo Flute,Er Hu( Chinese Violin) and Accordian are some of the instruments available.

Can be used as solo performers or in various combinations.

Repertoire includes Chinese Folk/Classical music but performers are capable of playing Western Music when Collaborating with other instruments.

Summary Time Price

Musicians can perform solo or part of Ensemble. Some instruments may require PA system. Can be used indoor or Outdoor. Can also collaborate with Western instruments.All performers wear traditional Costumes.

From short cameo appearances to 3 hour calls (3 x 45 min sets). Start From $620.00 Send Enquiry