Absolutely GAGA- Lady Gaga Tribute Show
Location: Melbourne, Melbourne

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Absolutely Gaga- Lady Gaga Tribute Show

The world's newest Lady Gaga tribute show, The World’s most fabulous GAGA extravaganza, covering highlights from GAGA’s Entire Career! 

This spectacular show is a must see! COMPLETE WITH SOME LED LIGHT-UP COSTUMES!

The look and feel is - Absolutely Gaga!

Book a show that will make your guests feel as if they really are at Lady Gaga's concert! If you want your money spent wisely, book this jam packed 30 minute, entertaining Tribute Act - taking you through the career of one of the worlds most entertaining and well known pop acts of our time, "Absolutely Gaga" is a truly fabulous Interactive Show, ideal for those who want to impress their guests with something unique and outrageous!! Celebrate the life of Gaga and have your guests up and dancing with our GAGA!

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Absolutely Gaga-the look and feel is - Absolutely Gaga!


Absolutely Gaga- Lady Gaga Tribute Show, a 45 minute floor show with Live singing and Professional Dancers. Party with Gaga! Ideal for any function.

Authentically choreographed. Led by our very own amazing Mother Monster - the look and feel is - Absolutely Gaga!

Produced, arranged and presented by Melbourne's 'creative' DMP Productions, ABSOLUTELY GAGA is the very first Gaga Tribute to bring to the stage her "best of" material, from across her entire career. Featuring up to 45 minutes of her top selling singles. Some of the soundtrack includes: 

  • ·         Just Dance
  • ·         Poker Face
  • ·         Bad Romance
  • ·         Alejandro
  • ·         Edge of Glory
  • ·         Born This Way
  • ·         Venus
  • ·         Do What U Want
  • ·         Applause

About the show…..

Absolutely Gaga keeps you entertained and captivated with a comfortable sense of familiarity, as all of the songs we play are significant to her extreme success. The show features brilliant choreography direct and adapted from her live performances and combines parts of her well known film clip persona also. Absolutely Gaga brings the Glamour of Gaga's clips and the playful nature of her concerts, as the show can include the brilliant optional feature of Live guitarists, in the same Rock style that Gaga exhibits when she performs live on her television performances!. Absolutely Gaga's cast of Dancers are exceptional, and highly sought after Melbourne Based performers, with the energy and strength of Gaga's actual dancers. The show is Absolutely Entertaining, full of exquisite costuming, hand-made and Unique to the Absolutely Gaga show, keeping your guests visually memorised the entire show. With our Gaga's Stage presence, our specialised and authentic choreography, a cast of exceptional dancers and optional Live Fire and live guitars, Absolutely Gaga is one Glamorous, Vibrant and Impressive spectacular unlike any other, worldwide!


Show Options:

If you are planning a smaller occasion and do not have the budget for the recommended full 8 person showcase, The Absolutely gaga show offers shorted shows with less cast members, just ask!

We recommend a 5 person show for a small corporate event, and a 3 or 4 person show for a private party or for an event with a limited budget. If you have the budget, an 8 or 6 person show is fabulous for a grand Corporate Event. No matter the event size, Absolutely Gaga will cater for you so that you can bring the energy and Glamour of Gaga to your Party, Event or Product Launch. Let us quote for you today!

Absolutely Gaga-the look and feel is - Absolutely Gaga!?

Absolutely Gaga-the look and feel is - Absolutely Gaga!

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