Circus Arena
Location: Richmond, Melbourne

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Circus Arena is a brilliant performance of magic, colour, life, song and dance

Circus Arena will take you on a journey that has been inspired by the amazing concepts of Cir De Sole and concerts of artists like Janet, Madonna and Britney. Combining different styles and innovative ideas we will bring you a never before seen showcase which Excessive Productions will create just for your event.

This show will see the amalgamation of Aerial Artists, Magicians, Singers, Dancers, Break-dancers and Acrobatic artists. A combination of Melbourne’s best in their field all brought together to produce an unforgettable performance!

Do not be fooled… this will be a very large scale production with over 15 performers, countless costume changes, an intricately designed stage, stunning sets and more!

This is a fully choreographed production which has the following running time options:






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