Filthy Romantics
Location: Sydney

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Filthy Romantics comprises of 3 female dancers and 1 male dancer.  All four dancers have had extensive experience in the commercial dance world, and are seasoned performers.  Some of their credits include the musicals 'The Producers', 'Boy From Oz', 'Footloose', 'Fame', 'Grease', just to name a few.  They have worked nationally on a number of fashion events, and throughout the corporate world.  Their careers have also included work in TV and film, and working with such choreographers as William Forsythe, Kelly Abbey, Jason Coleman, and Alana Scanlon.

This act, Filthy Romantics, has been put together by Grayboy Entertainment specifically to cater for the ever changing corporate market.  We have gathered 4 of our premium talent to present a quality product that offers both professionalism and something entirely unique.  The show itself can be flexible to fit into the clients needs. 

Dressed in elaborate pompadour costumes, the Filthy Romantics mingle amongst the clients guests.  They are non-speaking characters who can take on the role of table ushers, atmospheric characters, or simply roaming guests, whatever is prefered.  They create a mood of sophistication and mystery.  After this initial introduction, the dancers leave the setting, only to appear at a later time to perform on the dance floor.  A 6 minute dance show begins.  The music is of the 'Romantic' period.  The scene is set.  Society ladies being assesed by their tailor.  The music turns into something contemporary, sexy and up beat.  The ladies slowly take off items of clothing while performing an electrifying dance routine.  The appearance is both sensual and cheeky.  These amazing dresses break down into cute pants and corsets.  The feel of the piece remains in character, and never once stops being classy.  The show is a high energy dance piece, including acrobatics, and funky choreography.

Filthy Romantics will make your event come alive!


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