Goodbye Bully
Location: Canberra, Act

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Goodbye Bully is a feel good fun dance program which is all about working together as a team and also highlighting various individual magical moments with the use of dancing and motivation.

Goodbye Bully also highly promotes multiculturalism living in harmony Australia thus defining the importance of sharing and caring while also being aware of total respect and integrity. 

Goodbye Bully is led by Guatam Koul aka "G-Luv" who has featured in TV hit show "Bollywood Star" and he is always joined by his amazing LuVology dance crew.

G-Luv is an amazing entertainer and multi-skilled artist with a massive understanding of what is like to experience being outcast as a youngster and as an author he most recently launched his own e-book!/7qDFXGi/v/0 titled "LuV Revolves Around Me"

G-Luv is a positive role model for the youngster and together with his crew of champion hip hoppers and b-boys, they are certain to make you want to dance and feel about yourself.

This special dance program has the purpose to awaken the giant within you and help build your confidence and improve your self-esteem.

Goodbye Bully is an all-male show and all dancers are based in Sydney while G-Luv is based in Canberra and are available to travel anywhere within Australia.


"Human" Feel Good

G-Luv with 2 dancers with 60 minutes non-stop fun program

"Service" Be Fabulous

G-Luv with 4 dancers with 90 minutes non-stop fun program

"Love" Your Earth

G-Luv with 6 dancers with 120 minutes non-stop fun program


Any of the 3 different packages available above would be ideal for Youth Week, Harmony Day, Dance Week, National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence, Friendship Fair, International Day of Happiness, World Smile Day and any National Cultural Festival Celebration.

Goodbye Bully is a positive dance workshop fun program which both invigorates and inspires the youth teenage demographic through the use of hip hop dancing, uplifting story telling, breakdancing, real life sharing moments, dance participation, questions & answers and social interaction

So please take your Vitamin G and together with G-Luv and the LuVology dance crew simply say Goodbye Bully! 

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