Hollywood Dancers
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Hollywood Dance Shows

What’s more glamorous than Classic Hollywood? Theme your next event Hollywood, celebrating the timeless Stars of Classic Hollywood or the stars of today, it is your choice!



Our Classic Hollywood show is inspired by the Silver screen era, celebrating various screen stars form the 1910s-1960s. Classical Hollywood Cinema, American cinema between the 1910s and the early 1960s, eventually became the most powerful and pervasive style of film-making worldwide. Hollywood itself is the symbol of the entertainment business. Home to the star-studded Walk of Fame, Paramount Pictures, famous velvet-roped nightclubs, not to mention the Oscars. 

We have designed a charismatic dance show celebrating the Silver Screen Sirens and big fellas of the Golden age, complete with charming costuming and a nostalgic sound track.

“Yes, you and the team have done it again! Another performance that ‘knocked it out of the park’. Please thank all your team – we do really appreciate their professionalism and their performances.” Gary and Stonnie.

Reasons to book this show

·         If you adore the pure sophistication of Classic Hollywood and the beauty of that old world glamour, this show is for you. Vintage songs, silver screen stars.

·         This show is ideal for clients looking for costuming that is conservative. The costuming is sophisticated and snappy.

·         The songs are all well-known and your guests can sing along and enjoy each and every song.  

·         A great show option for an older demographic.

·         Get some fantastic photos! Create the perfect reception for your guests as they enter the event space. Welcome your guests with the Vintage Show girls and Strapping Fellas in White Tail suits. Position these glamorous guys and dolls in front of your branded media board for some gorgeous photos. Invite your guests to get dressed in their top hats and tails and evening ball gowns and enjoy the glamour of silver screen Hollywood.  



Would you prefer a journey from Classic Hollywood through to shining stars of today? We certainly can assist you with that also. Book our “Celebrity Show” celebrating stars from all eras. If you have special request, let us know and we can work with you and create a Bespoke show for you.  This show can include routines and live singing in tribute to stars such as Dean Martin, to Elvis right through to Beyonce and Lady Gaga.

Reasons to book this show concept

·         A great show if you have various age groups at your event. You will be entertained by the well-known soundtrack. The show features music that is both classic and current.

·         If you are looking for a sophisticated way of bringing in current pop music, as opposed to the previously popular hip hop shows, this show option is great for your event.

·         A great theme for you guests. Come as your favorite celebrity.

·         This show is interactive, guests will be singing along and getting involved. With the inclusion of 1 or 2 live singers, your guests will experience interactive entertainment, which is always  thoroughly enjoyable.

·         If you do not wish to book the entire show, you can request any single celebrity to perform at your event, simply ask.

·         A good show option for medium to large sized event spaces. As there are numbers with just a vocalist performing, we can accommodate for small venues also if you book live singing in the show.

·         A great show option for a younger demographic if you choose to just book celebrities of today. This can be created for you.

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