Location: Sydney

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The 1920's was a grand era where prestige and etiquette reigned supreme in the party circuit of the elite and exclusive.
Legendary venues like The Cotton Club and Tropicana set the tone of inspiration for the 1920s until of course The Great Gatsby.

Who could ever forget not doing the Charleston at least once during high school or watching our parents or grandparents doing it plus even the young little ones do their own version of the funky chicken which is a dance move that actually comes from the charleston.

Our amazing 1920's dancers envisage to take you on a journey back in time across the glamorous 1920s with beautiful costumes, exquisite bodies and grand dance performances with audience party interaction.
The dancers have a huge repertoire set of credits and experience from across the corporate sector and international 5 stars hotels.
The dancing team always includes both male and female dancers and also combines the show by always featuring the world famous Charleston plus of course some of the hits from the movie blockbuster "The Great Gatsby" as well as the Tango and other 1920s delicacies.
If client only wants a featured in-and-out stop and watch show then can do a 20m spot with either dancers arriving only 30 minutes before their actual performance time, then BANG showtime and finito la musica go home right away.
Otherwise if the client wants more value for money then we can do a 3 hours package that includes meet and greet welcoming of 30m, a featured 20m show and then audience interaction of 30m plus tech run through before guests arrive to venue with a team of dancers
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