Vida En Color
Location: Melbourne

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Vida En Color


A spectacular Latin dance show that takes you on a colourful, vibrant and sexy journey through South America. Dancers perform Salsa, Samba, Cha Cha, Merengue, Lambada and more. This show features amazing costumes and can be seen internationally on cruise ships around the world.


Vida En Color is a dance show celebrating all this Latin and South American dance. Enjoy the vibrant colours of Brazil’s Carnival, experience the sexy, sensual culture of Cuban and the energy of some of South America’s famously popular dance styles from Colombia all the way to Argentina and everywhere in between. 


This show can be currently seen as the guest entertainment on large Cruise Ship lines performing though Asia, Australia and New Zealand.


In the past this show has performed for:

-Charity events

-Private events

-International cruise ships

-League of Legends awards dinner


What you get:

The Vida En Color is a  full dance productions featuring a selection of amazing Latin Dancers all extremely skills in various styles of Latin dance. You get a exciting, fast paced, sexy show with many different dance styles and costumes. These shows are high energy and very entertaining. You have the choice of how long you want the show to go for and how many dancers you have depending on budget and performance space. Choice from 1 couple performing from 2-10 minutes or even up to 10 or more dancers to perform up to a 40 minute show. Dance styles include Salsa, Samba, Cha Cha, Merengue, Lambada, Acrobatics and more. The show also features spectacular costumes from hand made Brazilian bikinis to sexy salsa dresses. No expense had been spared when it comes to our costumes and the evidence of this is obvious from the moment the dancers hit the stage.


Our show can be interactive and if you like the dancers can get everyone up on the dance floor at the end of the performance and get everyone up on the dance floor and the party started.


Number of Dancers required: Depending on budget, length of desired show and performance space you can have anywhere between 2 to 10+ performers.


Optional extras: Have the performers take photos with your guests, mingle and do meet and greets in their spectacular, colourful costumes. 

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