Jason Lee
Location: 2540, Shoalhaven
Country: Australia

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Jason Lee is something of a veteran in the Australian Country Music scene. Beginning his love of the guitar at the age of nine years old, Jason was introduced to music through his father’s playful home melodies and his mother's evening singalong swarays. Growing up in Campbelltown, NSW, his family were ambitious for the young singer/songwriter and encouraged his playing with regular attendance at the area talent quests. Upon winning his first quest and receiving a, (then impressive) $150, for the childhood prodigy, Jason felt committed to the cause of music and performance.

Since then, Jason’s career has spanned 15 years and included a stint at the Australian College of Country Music and a number one hit single ‘A Memory’ in 2010 on the Country tracks Charts amongst others. He has performed at numerous national events, notably playing alongside the likes of Adam Harvey, The McClymonts, Mike Carr and Travis Collins at events including the Tamworth Country Music Festival, the Gympie Muster and many of Australia’s most loved East Coast venues. His list of awards to date are impressive, amassing titles that include ‘Capital News Independent Rising Male Artist’ at the 2010 Southern Stars Independent Country Music Awards. In 2011 he received the ‘Male Vocalist of the Year’,  ‘APRA Song of the Year’  and ‘Heritage Song of the Year’ for the Victorian/National Country Music Awards, as well as a 2012 nomination and finalist position at the Golden Guitar Award for ‘Best New Talent’.

Jason’s music is a heartfelt journey through traditional Country music. His resonance with his subject matter, which ranges from personal experience, through to observed storytelling narratives and political commentary. His words and music are a reflection of his life and beliefs in the Country and its people and there is a tangible sense of affection towards his fans. As he casually remarks of his driving ambition behind the music “I just love performing and singing and getting good tunes out to the folks”. And no one can argue that he does that. Jason’s influences stem from the likes of Merle Haggard, Slim Dusty, Tracy and Stan Coster through Garth Brooks, Keith Urban, Brad Paisley and Jason Aldean, all of which can be sensed when listening to the Country singer perform his latest body of work.

Since 2008’s debut self-titled EP, Jason has spent time honing his craft as a live performer and musician of merit. His debut album was the 2010 much loved ‘Better Late Than Never’ and was recorded at Hillbilly Hut Studios on the NSW Central Coast, with well known Producer Simon Johnson. 

The singer's latest, yet to be titled, offering is an album that has seen the artist evolve as a musician. He describes his journey to releasing the most recent material as a venture into a new and transformed Country Music scene. “The change of the country music genre has inspired me to produce a great sounding record that listeners will appreciate. It’s a modern twist I guess.” 

There’s an American influence in the album, stemming from Nashville’s Tim Gleason and Mason Douglas, with whom Jason is good friends. He goes on to explain part of the process that led up to making the album “I received a couple of tracks from some other music publishers out of Nashville that have also made the record because they are awesome songs, very meaningful and heartfelt tracks with great stories to tell.”

With the ever-changing face of live music, not just in Australia, but across the world, there are some challenges for musicians who live and breathe their art in 2020. One thing that remains unwavering is Jason Lee’s staying power and proven record in seeing the journey through to its next phase. His latest work is an evolution on not just his musical style but also his personal experience in the industry. It’s a rich and emotive account of life in modern day Australia and as Jason maintains in his quintessentially down-to-earth manner “It’s about getting good music out to the folks. That’s why I do it”

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