The Hobo Tenor
Location: Melbourne , Melbourne

Contact Info:
Full Name: Ben Logan
Contact No: / 0430 154 425

The Hobo Tenor aka Ben Logan is a professional Opera singer with over 20 years performing experience both here in Australia and throughout Europe. The Hobo Tenor is set in place at your function as an actual hobo and wanders through your function trying to engage with guests until he’s asked to remove himself from the function when he breaks out into song. 

The shock of a person breaking into Opera is not only a welcome relief that people aren’t being harassed by a Hobo, but it’s also great Entertainment from a true professional opera singer. 

The Hobo Tenor can either then become your MC for the evening (not dressed as a Hobo), stay for a few songs or continue to entertain guests throughout the evening as an actual singer or even stay dressed as the Hobo Tenor.

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